Please Help Us Find Our Racing Rat!

We lost our Racing Rat at West Ga Speedway. He has been with us for a while and we miss him. He moved into our race trailer tool box several months ago after we left it in the edge of momma’s woods.

On April 27 we were at WGS and had left the trailer tool box door open. He was sitting on the edge of the trailer just chillin when some pony car next to us fired up and scared him. He fell off the trailer and hit the ground running. He headed straight for the concession stand. We lost sight of him because it was getting dark already.

We were looking for him this week, but the rain was coming, and they made us get out of the pits before we got stuck in the mud. They rained out the race and we had to leave the track.

If you find him, he is very skittish and will not come when you call him. He eats only acorns and prefers to chew up blue shop towels over the white ones. He likes living in tool box drawers and is somewhat messy. Oh, and he thinks he is good at hand signaling race drivers from the pits. (please don't tell him he is not)

This is NOT a joke. If you find him, please contact us through our website or Facebook page.


Written By: David Chambers (Crew Chief)

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