Burnt Hamburgers and Tater Skins

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Well last Saturday got off to a bad start before we even got to the track. We stopped for dinner at our favorite restaurant. The hamburgers and tater skins arrived burnt to a crisp. I'm not talking just a little char here, they appeared to be cooked with a flame thrower. We were in a hurry so we ate what we could then headed on over to Talladega Short Track for the next fun surprise of the night.

Since they only run heat races at Talladega for our class, Roger had to draw for his starting position. Out of numbers 1 through 40 Roger got the number 40. So that had us set up to start dead last in the second heat race.

Hot laps were great! The race car made tons of traction and appeared it was going to be a good night after all for the number 13 team. Well that did not last long. The race track became much slicker for the heat race and we couldn't make any traction. We did not move up in the heat race.

Jake made some adjustments after the heat race to try and salvage the feature. His efforts were good but there was something wrong with the race car and it just had zero traction in the feature too. We did not get anywhere in the feature either so we packed up all our junk and came home dejected.

So not a lucky night for the 13 Team (get it, lol, lucky, 13) but we will be back this Saturday night if the rain hold outs and try to redeem ourselves.

Written By: David Chambers (Crew Chief)

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