A Little Bit Better Than a Poke in The Eye

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Let's just put it this way we have had worse nights at the track. This past Saturday at WGS was just a little bit better than a poke in the eye.

Backing up a bit we did discover last week that we had a bad 5th coil shock, so that was part of the traction problem we have been having lately. The shock sounded crunchy on the inside and muddy water ran out of the nitrogen port so we decided it was time for a new shock. We also found a broken spark plug so we put in a fresh set.

In hot laps we were a little bit better than we have been in the past couple of weeks but we were still struggling for traction and the car was loose coming off the corner. We made a slight change to the car before qualifying but our change made it push like a dump truck on corner entry. (would not turn)

So we did not qualify well and had to start pretty far back. We went the opposite way with our chassis change for the feature and made the car a little better. A few cars fell out in front of us and Roger held his ground in the race. We ended up with a 4th place finish and got paid enough money to visit the Waffle House.

We plan on ending this slump once and for all this coming Friday at WGS. :)

Written By: David Chambers (Crew Chief)

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