Never Skip The Hot Laps

Saturday night was a weak night for the number 13 team. Qualified 4th and ran 4th.

Not long after we arrived at the track it started raining so we loaded the car back on the trailer before it got too bad. The rain finally stopped but it looked like it would start back any moment so we did not unload. Finally they got the track rolled in again and started running some hot laps.

Since we had packed everything up and the track was still a little wet we decided to skip hot laps. That was somewhat of a mistake on our part because we were one adjustment behind when it came time for qualifying.

We were much slower qualifying than we had hoped for but we knew then what adjustment we needed to make.

We made the adjustment to the chassis before the feature but it was not enough to challenge the cars in front of us. We were able to stay with the pack but that was all.

We are going to take a few weeks off from racing as there are some updates we wish to make on the car. We will post to our schedule and on facebook as soon as we have the updates done and are ready to race again.

Written By: David Chambers (Crew Chief)

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