Test Session at WGS

After nearly 2 years under a tarp we finally got the number 13 back on the race track last night.

It was only a test session at West Ga Speedway, but just having the car back at a track almost felt like a win.

We were testing E85 fuel which we had never run in our 604 crate engine before. It was surprising how much more E85 the car used vs gasoline. The E85 made good power and keeps the engine really cool so we were satisfied.

We also tested several different gear ratios to see if it might pick up some speed but ended up running the same gear we always run at WGS. By the end of the night our lap times were finally at a competitive pace and we were satisfied.

Even with all the rain the track was in good shape and the pits were not muddy at all.

We are not sure where the 13 team will race next, so be sure to watch our website and Facebook for schedule updates.

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