A Gun vs Two Old Men With a Knife

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Well, we raced the old number 13 at West GA Speedway last night for the first time in a while. We had an all new shock package on the car and did not have a clue what to expect.

Hot laps went great and Roger said he had never driven a car with that much forward traction so the new shock package was really working, well sort of. The only problem is the car did not turn in the beginning of the corner very well. So we decided to make a small change before qualifying.

The track dried out some before we qualified so our adjustment was not the right thing to do. The car spun the tires in qualifying and we ended up with a 3rd place starting position. Needless to say we adjusted the car back so it would have more traction for the race.

On the first lap of the race Roger was able to get past the 2nd place car and all the way up beside the leader coming off of turn 2. That is where the whole gun vs a knife thing comes in. The leader was a very fast Limited Late Model car and we had our 604 crate engine in. He pulled us down the back straightaway with ease with his more powerful motor. Roger could keep him in sight the whole night but he would just pull away from us on the restarts.

So the battle was for 2nd between Roger and 4k Phillip Deal. Phillip made some great runs at Roger and even got up beside him a couple of times, but luckily Roger was able to battle back and hang on to the 2nd spot. Roger said, "We might have brought a knife to a gun fight but it was a pretty big knife".

Even though we finished in 2nd place our number one fans still wanted to get their pictures made with the old number 13.

Written By: David Chambers - (Crew Chief)

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